Are You A Believer Or A Skeptic?

Are You A Believer Or A Skeptic?

are you a believer or a skeptic?

Do you believe in ghosts? Many people can tell you a ghost story or two, whether they are a believer or not. With so many ghostly experiences out there, then there must be some truth to their existence.

Ghosts are thought to be dead people who have not yet passed over to the other side.
They are stuck here in a kind of limbo on this side because of a tragic death,… unfinished business, an attachment to a person or place or perhaps for some kind of justice.
Skeptics often ask why there is no photographic evidence? There are many photographs in circulation of what appear to be ghostly images. The problem with photos is that an expert can tell if it has been tampered with, but can’t tell you if the subject in the photo is a ghost or not.
Most photos show what are called “orbs” (balls of light). In my opinion, actual spirit orbs are rare. Most orbs you see in photos or on tv are insects or more commonly, dust reflecting the light from the camera. That being said, there are hundreds of other ghostly photos out there showing strange forms or human like figures.

Ghosts or spirits however, will do more than make an appearance on camera. There are thousands of reports of ghosts scratching and banging on walls, moving things around, hiding objects, opening and closing doors, making footsteps, manipulating electronic devices and even physically touching someone.

Skeptics will tell you that all such activities have a rational explanation. In fact, most probably do, but there are things out there that we can’t explain and do not yet understand. What do you believe? What evidence would you need?