Protecting yourself while Ghost Hunting

Protecting yourself while Ghost Hunting

a trinket like this may help you keep a positive attitude and prevent dangerous negative energy while ghost hunting.

It is a subject that has fascinated you for ages, you watch almost every show about it on television and you’ve found an investigation team that is in need of new members. Congratulations, You have just taken the first steps to becoming a paranormal investigator. Excited and nervous about your first investigation you and those close to you will begin to wonder, how do I protect myself while facing the unknown?

If you are in the field or are just a paranormal enthusiast then you have heard the horror stories of possessions, attachments and so on. Although these cases are typically rare, it is a common concern and rightly so especially for a new investigator. Thankfully, there are ways to protect both your mind and body from the possible negative energy you may face while investigating.

Besides being enthusiastic one of the most important things an investigator must do is have a positive mental attitude. It is believed that negative spirits are attracted to people who are overcoming recent illness, frightened, nervous or stressed. One thing that can be done to protect yourself is to meditate before an investigation. Putting the mind in a calm state will allow you to be clear and focused for the hours ahead.

Many investigators also carry some sort of good luck charm with them, believing that this will protect from unseen negative energy. This can be a simple as a piece of jewelry, but I would recommend not using a rabbit’s foot, since they are generally associated with violence.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is if you are feeling threatened to let your fellow team members know immediately and if it becomes too overwhelming remove yourself from the area immediately. I would also recommend going to check out the location prior to the investigation because being in a unknown area will add to the nervousness and excitement that you are feeling. Hopefully these suggestions will put your mind at ease and will help you prepare for your investigations!