June 15th, 2013- Burlington County Prison, Mt Holly, NJ

June 15th, 2013- Burlington County Prison, Mt Holly, NJ

Burlington County Prison was an fun and interesting place to investigate. A few of our investigators experienced shadow play in a couple locations. We also seemed to have a communication session going with the K2 meter in the kitchen area. We did an EMF sweep of the location before we began. We did get several spikes throughout the prison during the investigation. We also got “buzzed” a few times by the resident bat! We did not get anything in our photos unfortunately. We did capture several EVP’s. The prison has a long history of violence, death and paranormal activity. We believe it to be haunted and most likey will return in the future.


Sounds like a male voice speaking quickly. We believe it’s saying ” I knew it was wrong”


Very faint voice followed by an unknown sound


Movement we could not find the source of at the time


Whispering voice. You will then hear our investigator say ” did you hear that?”


After our investigator asks “is anyone here with us?”, there is a knock and then a low voice saying something like “good bye”.


Listen for the very loud knock. After that you will hear “stop” This was not one of us.


Immediately you will hear a scream in the backround. Our investigator then says “did you hear that?” At no time during the investigation did anyone in another location of the prison hear a scream.