November 2nd, 2013-Private Home, Brick, NJ

November 2nd, 2013-Private Home, Brick, NJ

This home has been investigated many times by several different groups, each getting some kind of evidence. However, no one has been able to determine exactly what is going on in this home. There are voices, footsteps, items moving and even full body apparitions according to the owners. We did not capture any video or photographic evidence, but we did get several EVP’s.

We just turned on the recorder and are setting up when we get a voice saying hello which was not heard at the time.


After you hear the camera beep, there is a grunt or groan. You will hear one of our investigators acknowledge it.


We picked up a strange moan during a moment of silence. Did not hear it at the time.


After our investigator challenges the spirit to do something, the table moves.