October 6th, 2012-Burrowes Mansion, Matawan, NJ

October 6th, 2012-Burrowes Mansion, Matawan, NJ

Burrowes Mansion is a Georgian style home built by John Bowne III in 1723. In 1769 it was purchased by John Burrowes Sr. The home played a part in a Revolutionary War skirmish in May 1776. There is a lot of history to this home. Not only from the Revolutionary War, but there is also a history of paranormal activity. Including disembodied voices, objects being moved, footsteps, strange photos and evp’s. We had two personal experiences before we even started our investgation. The first was a series of footsteps on the second floor and then a female voice that seemed to come from nowhere. This happened while we were being told there may be two young girl spirits in the home. We didn’t catch anything on video but we did get a few evp’s and a very interesting photo . I believe this house to be haunted. You can feel it, especially in the attic that was once a servants quarters.

Window looking out two stories above ground of the Slaves quarters. Located in the attic.

Sounds like “I’m so scared”, then the door latch.


right off the bat you will hear whispering, even while an investigator starts to talk and mention that the k2 on the chair is lighting up.


A female voice then a very strange sound.


Sound like “I am ?” can’t quite make out the last word.


Very high pitched odd sounding voice. Not sure what is being said or if it’s English.” We got this one while packing up our equipment.


After an investigator says “enjoy it” there’s a quick “yeah” or maybe a breath.