September 21, 2013-Strauss Mansion, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

September 21, 2013-Strauss Mansion, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

This was our second trip back to Strauss Mansion. The first time we were here we didn’t get a single hit on the EMF detectors and nothing on our recorders. However, this time was different. We got several EVP’s and there were 2 rooms on the second floor with crazy EMF hits. The room with the Native American artifacts had EVP hits only in certain areas of the room. Then they would disappear only to return again. We had hits all around a very old wheelchair and around a glass case with the artifacts. There was a second room on that floor where the “tower” is located. There is a story about an old trophy from the early 1900’s that hangs on the wall in that room. One night the board was at the Mansion and they heard a loud noise. When they went to the second floor, this trophy was off the wall. Not only off the wall, but around the corner and down the hall. So, we decided to place an EMF detector and recorder there and ask some questions. There were no responses on the recorder, but when i asked the first question, the meter started going off. When i asked if i could touch it and i put my hand on it, the meter immediately maxed out. When i backed off the meter dropped down to normal. After a few hours, we decided to take a break. When we resumed the investigation, the atmosphere was different. No more EMF’s anywhere in the house. Not even in the places where we were getting the crazy readings. I guess they got bored with us.

Immediately after the second footstep there are 2 or 3 words. These are not our footsteps.


Right after Matt says “and” there is a strange voice or sound.


After Claire says ” not the most exciting person” there is a high pitched female voice. We can’t tell what is being said.


After Claire aks “does it look very different from when you lived here?” there is a whisper, sounds like “it’s gone” (Between the 11 and 12 second mark)