June 16th 2012, Highlands NJ private home

June 16th 2012, Highlands NJ private home

There seem to be very little activity in this old 3 story home during the investigation. No emf readings, no odd sounds or feelings and nothing on our still shots or IR cameras. Our recorders however, captured some interesting evp’s. This home has several witnesses that have experienced activity, including children. There was also a death in the home not too long ago.

As our investigator says the word “just” something talks over her.


A few seconds after the question, you will hear a “yes” whispered.


This was recorded on the first floor. All 3 of our investigators were on the third floor at the time.


Someone tries to get our attention as we walk upstairs.


We were on a break sitting in the first floor living room. We left a recorder on the third floor and this is what we got.