March 24th 2012, Atlantic Highlands NJ private home

March 24th 2012, Atlantic Highlands NJ private home

This home seemed to have some activity, though limited.  As for personal experiences, we all heard some knocking in strange areas.  Temperature and EMF readings were consistant except for a brief few minutes when both the K2 meter and MEL meter very gradually climbed from their lowest settings to very high on the living room sofa.  They held there for a minute and when we started asking questions they very gradually dropped back to zero and never returned.  We got nothing on our cameras.  However we did manage to catch several EVP’s on our recorders. Some are inaudible,some we think we know what is being said. Some are direct responses to questions.  Based on the many evp’s we came up with, we believe there is something intelligent that remains in this home.



We hear “wake you up”


Our investigator gets a reply to her request of “all you have to do is press the black button” (on flashlight)




Check out the left side of the window. This is the same room where we caught all but 2 of our evp’s………