March 8th, 2014-Shanley Hotel, Napanoch, NY

March 8th, 2014-Shanley Hotel, Napanoch, NY

The Shanley has a long history and it was an interesting place to investigate. As far as personal experiences go, two investigators heard a groan/growl type noise coming from the closet in Jonathan’s room on the third floor as they were setting up the first camera. Also, two investigators who slept in a second floor bedroom that has seen a couple deaths experienced two things. At one time during the night they experienced a cold spot under the covers as they were going to sleep, that came out of nowhere and lasted less than a minute before disappearing.The other was much more obvious. As one of them pulled the covers over themselves, the sheet landed across his face. Moments later “someone” blew in his face so hard, the sheet flipped off his face. We captured several EVP’s and a few strange photos. We have some odd video, but for some reason i’m having a problem with the video software. I will fix that, so check back. We believe the Shanley is haunted and will probably return in the future.


Shanley Hotel- Napanoch, NY




There are stories of a spirit of a cat roaming the Shanley. Just before the investigator begins to talk, we hear a meow.


After you hear a single “giggle” from our investigator, we hear a deep voice but are unclear on what is being said.


We try to ask Jonathan how old he is. After a few seconds, you will hear 4 footsteps (this is us) but then we hear what sounds like a child’s voice.


We are testing a motion detector (Caution, it’s loud). After the first initial “beep” there is a very strange voice. Unclear what it is, but it’s not us.

This photo was taken by a motion activated camera. Could just be a crazy reflection from the window but the camera has to sense motion to take a photo.