May 17th, 2014-White Hill Mansion, Fieldsboro, NJ

May 17th, 2014-White Hill Mansion, Fieldsboro, NJ

White Hill dates back over 237 years. It was a part of the Revolutionary War. It was owned by Robert Field who mysteriously drown in the Delaware River in 1775. It was also a bordello and a restaurant. The mansion was an interesting place to investigate. There have been other groups who have captured some evidence of the paranormal here. We had a few personal experiences which included disembodied voices and  sounds of movement around the house. We captured several EVP’s and an interesting still photo. We believe something (or someone) lingers there.

After the investigator says “that’s right” There is an voice. Next you will hear another investigator say “What was that”


After we ask about the Navy. It sounds like “you’ll soon forget”


Right after an investigator says “no way out , right” there is a voice. Unknown what is being said.


Unknown source of knocking in an empty room.